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1. Introduction to the major

Civil engineering specialty is the first undergraduate specialty in our school during its founding period. It has a history of nearly 60 years since it was founded in 1958. In 2003, it was a provincial education reform demonstration specialty; in 2008, it was a national characteristic specialty construction site; in 2012, it was the second batch of outstanding engineer education training program pilot specialty of the Ministry of Education. In 2007 and 2012, it passed the national higher education civil engineering specialty evaluation of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development twice, and in 2017, it passed the civil engineering specialty evaluation (certification) of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development with the validity period of 6 years. In the same year, it was funded by Anhui Provinces first-class discipline award and supplementary fund project, and it was awarded C+ in the national fourth discipline evaluation of the Ministry of Education. Civil engineering discipline was listed as Anhui Provincial doctors degree granting right project construction discipline in 2009, structural engineering was listed as provincial key discipline in 2008, and disaster prevention and mitigation engineering and protection engineering were listed as provincial key discipline in 2012.

After many years of development, the civil engineering specialty has formed a relatively perfect training plan and curriculum system. Introduction to Civil Engineering is a national excellent course. Computational Structural Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Concrete Structure, Steel Structure Design Principles and Engineering Structural Earthquake Resistance are provincial excellent courses. Engineering Geology and Civil Engineering Construction are provincial excellent resource sharing courses.

(1) Discipline and team

The civil engineering discipline of our school has the right to grant master degree of first-class discipline. In 2009, it was listed as a subject with the right to grant doctor degree in Anhui Province. Structural engineering, disaster prevention and mitigation and protection engineering, and municipal engineering second-class disciplines are provincial key disciplines. In 2017, it was funded by the domestic first-class discipline construction of Anhui undergraduate universities. It has one national teaching team, two provincial teaching teams, and one provincial scientific and technological innovation team.

(2) Faculty

There are 56 professional teachers in civil engineering, including 15 professors and 27 associate professors, with professors and associate professors accounting for 75% of the total number of teachers. There are 32 teachers with doctoral degree, accounting for 57.14% of the total number of teachers. There are four doctoral supervisors and 24 master supervisors. Having a strong background in engineering practice is one of the major features of teachers in this major. Among them, 22 have obtained the qualifications of national registered structural engineer, construction engineer, geotechnical engineer and cost engineer. Most teachers have experience in enterprise work and participation in engineering practice and have strong engineering practice ability. There are three academic and technical leaders in Anhui Province, one national model worker and model teacher, four teaching masters in Anhui Province, one top-notch talent in universities in Anhui, and one engineering survey and design master in Anhui Province.

(3) Platform Foundation

Anhui Jianzhu University is the director unit of the Civil Engineering Professional Steering Committee of Anhui ordinary universities. In 2017, it was approved as a permanent member unit of Anhui Province’s General Colleges’ Civiland Architectural Specialty Cooperation Committee with more than 40 member units. Our school has certain advantages in the construction of organizational platform, which can play a leading role in the construction of undergraduate civil engineering majors in universities in the whole province, and can promote the application and promotion of project research results in the upgrading of civil engineering majors in local universities in the whole province and even in the whole country. The practical teaching conditions of the civil engineering specialty in our school are good. The civil engineering comprehensive experimental center has 6 related laboratories such as structure, geotechnical and mechanics, with a construction area of 4963.5m2 and a total equipment value of 59.959 million Yuan, which fully meets the needs of undergraduate teaching. It has 6 scientific research platforms above the provincial level, such as the National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Building Health Monitoring and Disaster Prevention Technology, Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory for Building Structure and Underground Engineering. In particular, in order to promote the application of fabricated buildings and BIM technology, the Provincial Fabricated Building Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center and Anhui BIM Center were established, and the 2018 national virtual simulation experiment teaching project Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Project for Production and Installation of Fabricated Building Composite Insulation Wallboard was obtained.

(4) Production-teaching-research cooperation

In the past five years, it has undertaken 158 scientific research projects of various types, including 12 at the national level, with a funding of 45.1 million Yuan for vertical and horizontal projects. Especially in assembly buildings and application of new BIM technology, we have good research foundation. We undertake the National Natural Science Foundation project Study on Seismic Mechanism and Failure Mechanism of Composite Shear Wall Structures (51541806), the sub-project of the national key research and development plan project Key Technologies for Integrated Production and Installation of New Decorative Materials and Composite Insulation Exterior Wall Panels (2016YFC0701702-2) and Forms, Mechanical Performance and Design Methods of Fabricated Joints with High Deformation Capacity (2016YFC0701507-2), Anhui Provinces major scientific and technological research project Research on Seismic Performance and Design Methods of New Assembled Structure System Based on Performance Design (1501041133), and the Ministry of Educations cooperative education project Civil Engineering Construction Technology and BIM Application Technology and Curriculum Reform (201802169004). We also participate in the sub-project of the national key research and development plan, Research on Key Technologies for Integrated Design, Efficient Production and Construction of Comprehensive Parts of Fully Assembled Complex Pipelines (2016YFC0701702-4). In 2006, the scientific research team of our institute overcame the key anti-seismic technology of composite slab concrete shear wall structure, compiled Chinas first local standard Technical Specification for Composite Slab Concrete Shear Wall Structure (DB34 810-2008), and won the second prize for scientific and technological progress in Anhui Province in 2012. In 2008, the school set up the Research Center for Residential Industrialization Engineering Technology and carried out a series of studies in conjunction with large enterprises. It compiled 3 local regulations and standards, including Technical Regulations for Assembling Integral Shear Wall Structures (Trial) DB34/T1874-2013, and won the second prize for scientific and technological progress in Anhui Province in 2014. In 2012, under the leadership of Anhui Housing and Urban-rural Construction Department and led by Anhui Jianzhu University, the government, large-scale construction enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions will be joined together to bring together innovative elements and cooperation of government, industry, research and application to build a new type of collaborative innovation center for building industrialization to solve major practical problems existing in fabricated buildings in Anhui province and a collaborative innovation platform serving local economic and social development. With the reform and innovation of academic research mechanism and the construction of a high-level and characteristic construction university as objectives, the coordinated development of disciplines, talents and scientific research will be realized. In order to better convert scientific research achievements into teaching effects, the school has jointly established 34 engineering practice teaching bases and industry-university-research cooperation bases with a number of large enterprises inside and outside the province. In particular, it has established a number of industry-university-research cooperation bases and practice platforms with leading large enterprises such as China Construction International Investment (China) Co., Ltd. and China Seventeen Metallurgy Group Co., Ltd. in the research and application of prefabricated buildings and BIM technology. Various platforms are actively open to students, and students are regularly arranged to practice learning in enterprises to comprehensively improve students new technology application ability from both theoretical and practical aspects. In recent years, students have undertaken more than 60 scientific and technological innovation projects above the provincial level. The application direction of BIM technology is set up for undergraduate graduation design. The topics are all from the practical engineering problems of the production, teaching and research practice teaching base.

2. Special advantages:

Under the guidance of new engineering concepts, a diversified talent training model has been established, and engineering and scientific talents with innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities and cross-border integration capabilities have been trained. In order to meet the needs of new construction technologies, we have actively promoted the upgrading and transformation of the civil engineering specialty. We have built a discipline and specialty system that adapts to the social development under the new economic conditions and matches the orientation and characteristics of the school. We have formed a relatively perfect training system. We have unique professional characteristics and discipline advantages in Anhui style’s architecture, fabricated architecture and building informatization.

3. Specialty positioning:

Based on the state in Anhui and influence the whole country, face the civil engineering technology and management industry, take the demand of modern construction talents as the guide, train application-oriented senior engineering and technical talents with solid foundation, wide range of specialties, high comprehensive quality, innovative spirit and practical ability which meet the needs of the industry.

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