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Admission Brochure for International Students Studying in AHJZU in 2020

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I. Overview

Anhui Jianzhu University is the only multi-disciplinary university in Anhui Province featuring civil engineering and architecture disciplines. It was founded in 1958 and is located in Hefei City, Anhui Province. The university is jointly established by Anhui Province and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. It is an excellent university for evaluating the undergraduate teaching level of the Ministry of Education, a provincial construction unit for granting a doctorate, a national university for implementing the Education and Training Plan for Outstanding Engineers and national model unit for conservation-oriented public institution.

There are 12 colleges and 61 undergraduate majors in the school, covering seven major disciplines of engineering, management, science, art, literature, law and economics. There are more than 17,600 full-time undergraduates and nearly 1,600 graduate students. There are more than 1500 teaching and administrative staff, including 1186 full-time teachers. Among the full-time teachers, there are more than 480 with professional and technical titles above the deputy senior level, 1018 with masters degree or above, 14 with doctoral supervisors and 421 with masters supervisors.

There are 11 first-level disciplines, 46 masters degree programs of the second level disciplines, 10 professional degree program categories, 8 provincial key disciplines , 1 national engineering laboratory, 9 provincial key laboratories, 1 provincial engineering laboratory, 15 national and provincial engineering (technology) research centers, 1 provincial international technical cooperation base and 2 college think tanks in AHJZU. More than 1.6 million paper books and 3 million electronic books are now available in the library.

AHJZU has 25 science and research institutions such as energy conservation institution, architecture science research center and Anhui style architecture research institution. AHJZU has become a base to cultivate senior engineering applied talent with the spirit of innovation and practice ability with the help of many school-run enterprises such as Research Institute of Architecture & Design, Design Institute of Geotechnical Survey and Research Institute of Planning & Design.

AHJZU is active in developing international cooperation and academic exchange and has established a close relationship with over 20 universities in the United States, Germany, UK, Russia, Belarus, Korea and Chinese Taiwan. We have achieved huge progress in joint student-teacher cultivation, academic exchange and scientific and research cooperation among teachers, sino-foreign cooperation in running schools and other aspects. AHJZU is the sino-foreign cooperation school running unit recognized by the Ministry of Education.

II. Enrollment Targets

Non-Chinese citizens holding valid foreign passports who have graduated from high school or above equivalent in China.

III. Enrollment Majors



Educational system

Language for teaching



Civil Engineering

4 years


Engineering Management

4 years




1 year


Further study

Various majors


Chinese or English

IV. Basic Conditions for Enrollment

(I) Requirements on educational background

1. Students applying for bachelor program study should have a diploma equivalent to that of Chinas high school.

2. Students applying for preppy or further study should generally have a diploma equivalent to that of Chinas high school.

(II) Requirements on language

1. Bachelor program is taught in Chinese.

2. Students applying for bachelor program should generally pass the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) before entering the university, i.e. Level-4 of the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK4). Those who have not obtained the above-mentioned Chinese proficiency test grade must first take one years preparatory study after entering the school, and the school shall organize and carry out Chinese proficiency training. After the training is completed, they can only obtain formal status as students and transfer to relevant majors after passing the HSK test. When undergraduates graduate, their Chinese proficiency must reach HSK5 level.

(III) Other requirements

1. Applicants should be at least 18 years old in principle and less than 28 years old.

2. Applicants shall be non-Chinese citizens holding valid foreign passports.

3. Applicants shall be in good health and good conduct without criminal record who abide by the laws of the Chinese government and school rules and regulations and respect the customs and habits of the Chinese people..

V. Scholarship and Subsidy

(I) Anhui Provincial Governmental Scholarship

All long-term foreign students who apply to study in our school will have the opportunity to obtain the Anhui Foreign Student Scholarship set up by the Anhui provincial government. The annual scholarship of the undergraduate students is 20,000 Yuan per person.

Deadline for application for scholarships for foreign students in Anhui Province: May 31 each year.

(II) President Scholarship of AHJZU

International students (academic students) who have applied to study for bachelor program in our university have the opportunity to obtain the President Scholarship set up by Anhui Jianzhu university, but it does not coincide with the Anhui Foreign Student Scholarship. Among them, the first-class scholarship is 20,000 Yuan/academic year, the second-class scholarship is 18,000 Yuan/academic year, and the third-class scholarship is 16,000 Yuan/academic year. The President Scholarship for non-academic students (preppy and further study students) is 16,000 Yuan/academic year.

Deadline for application for President Scholarship: June 30 each year (can be postponed for special circumstances).

(III) The Belt and Road Scholarship of AHJZU

Students from countries and regions along the Belt and Road who apply to study in our school and are accepted have the opportunity to obtain The Belt and Road Scholarship set up by Anhui Jianzhu University, but it does not coincide with the Anhui Foreign Student Scholarship and the President Scholarship. Among them, 26,000 Yuan/academic year is for academic students of bachelor program and 20,000 Yuan/academic year is for non-academic students (preppy and further study students).

Deadline for application for The Belt and Road Scholarship: June 30 each year (can be postponed for special circumstances).

(IV) Single Excellent Scholarship

Outstanding international students (students with academic or non-academic qualifications) studying in our university have the opportunity to obtain the Single Excellent Scholarship set up by our university, and will be rewarded with the corresponding amount according to the relevant standards of the Management and Reward Measures for Discipline and Specialty Competitions of Students in Anhui Jianzhu University.

Application date for Single Excellent Scholarship: based on the notice.

(V) Inner-school Prat-time Job

All international students (over 6 months) who come to the university to study have the opportunity to apply for part-time jobs or research assistance provided by professors.

VI. Study Expenses

(I) Tuition

1. Undergraduate: 15,000 Yuan/academic year;

2. Preppy of language study and further study students: 13,000 Yuan/academic year.

(II) Accommodation fee

Double room: 3,000 Yuan/academic year.

(III) Living expenses

600-1,000 Yuan/month

(IV) Book cost

About 500 Yuan per academic year.

(V) Other costs

1. Entry fee: 400 Yuan; 2. Premium: about 800 Yuan per year; 3. Physical examination fee: 400 Yuan; 4. Residence permit fee: 800 Yuan for the whole year and 400 Yuan for less than a year.

(Remark: 1. All expenses shall be paid in RMB. 2. Tuition shall be paid in one lump sum before the start of each semester or before classes begin. 3. Tuition is generally not refundable after payment.)

VII. Application Materials

1. Application Form for Admission of Foreign Students to Anhui Jianzhu University, Application Form for Scholarship for Foreign Students in Anhui Province and Application Form for Scholarship for International Students to Anhui Jianzhu University;

2. Notarized highest academic qualification certificate. If the applicant is a student in school, he/she must submit an in-school certificate issued by his/her school (notarized Chinese or English translation shall be attached to the text except Chinese and English);

3. Notarized transcript of study (notarized Chinese or English translation must be attached to texts other than Chinese and English);

4. Study or research programs in China (not less than 800 words) (written in Chinese or English);

5. A photocopy of the Physical Examination Form for Foreigners must be filled out in English and the original must be carried with you when you come to China.

6. Copy of the applicants passport;

7. Students applying to study for a bachelor program in our university must provide proof of HSK results within the valid term. Applicants without a Chinese foundation must have a 1-2-year learning on Chinese.

8. Bank deposit certificate (at least equivalent to 20,000 Yuan).

9. No criminal proof.

10. Eight recent identification photos (the size is the same as that of passport photos).

11. Others: published articles and achievements, various award certificates and certification materials.

VIII. Application Procedure

1. Download and fill in the Application Form for Admission of Foreign Students to Anhui Jianzhu University and Application Form for Scholarship of Foreign Students in Anhui Province from the website of Anhui Jianzhu University ( and send them together with scanned copies of other application materials to the mailbox:;

2. Pay registration fee: overseas students with academic qualifications shall pay the registration fee of 400 Yuan (the admission fee will not be refunded);

Remittance Bank: Hefei Zhonglou Branch of China Construction Bank


Account name: Anhui Jianzhu University

Account number: 34001488608053004911

(This account is RMB account. It is recommended to use RMB remittance. )

3. After receiving the complete application materials and remittance vouchers, the schools International Student Enrollment Review Committee will conduct a fair and impartial review of each applicants materials;

4. After confirming the admission list, the school will officially inform the students of the admission results. If accepted, the school will send an electronic letter of admission. After the students pay a certain deposit (2,000 Yuan), the school will officially send the letter of admission, JW202 visa application form and other texts. (Deposit will not be refunded if you do not register in our university on time);

5. Students hold relevant texts and materials to the Chinese embassy or consulate in the original country to apply for a study visa in China;

6. Students come to the university to register with the letter of admission.

IX. Date of Application for Enrollment

January-August each year is for application for enrollment and September is for registration.

X. Material Mailing Address

International Office of AHJZU, No.292, Ziyun Road, Economic and Technical Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province, P.R.C.

Postal code: 230601

Contact No.: +86-551-63828017

Fax: +86-551-63828017


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