Academic Masters Degree

* Civil Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Structural Engineering

Municipal Engineering

Heat Supply, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering and Protection Engineering

Bridge and Tunnel Engineering

Energy Conservation Engineering and Building Intelligence


* Architecture

Architectural History and Theory 

Architectural Design and Theory 

Architectural Technology and Science

Urban Design


* Urban-rural Planning

Urban-rural Planning and Design 

Regional Development and Planning 

Urban-rural Development History and Heritage Conservation Planning 

Urban-rural Planning Management


* Management Science and Engineering

Engineering Management

Technical Innovation and Intellectual Management

Urban Management


* Material Science and Engineering

Material Physics and Chemistry

Materials Science

Materials Processing Engineering


* Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry 

Analytical Chemistry 

Organic Chemistry 

Logistical Chemistry 

Polymeric Chemistry and Physics


* Control Science and Engineering

Control Theory and Control Engineering 

Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment 

Systematic Engineering

Pattern Recognition and Intelligent System

Navigation, Guidance and Control


* Safety Science and Engineering

Safety Science

Safety Technology

Safety System Engineering

Safety and Emergency Management

Occupational Safety and Health


* Electronic Science and Technology

Physical Electronics

Circuit and System

Microelectronics and Solid Electronics

Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technique


* Environment Science and Engineering

Environmental Science

Environmental Engineering


* Public Management

Administrative Management

Education Economy and Management

Social Security

Land Resource Management


Professional Masters Degree

Engineering Management

Architecture and Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Computer Technology

Mechanical Engineering


Urban-rural Planning

Landscape Architecture


Applied Statistics

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