Founded in 1958, Anhui Jianzhu University (collectively AHJZU) is a multi-disciplinary university featured in civil engineering. AHJZU is located in Hefei City, which is the capital city of Anhui Province.

From 2007 to 2009, AHJZU has passed the Undergraduate Teaching Assessment with the result of excellence by the State Ministry of Education and been authorized to construct Doctoral Degree Programs.

In addition to these, AHJZU has been awarded many honorary titles, such as the Demonstration Unit  of National Economical Public Institution,  the Advanced Unit  of National College Student Social Practice,  the Advanced Unit of  Provincial Talent Work,  the Provincial Excellent Teaching Management, the Advanced Unit of  Provincial Employment Work, the Model Unit of Provincial University Graduate Employment Work, the Advanced Unit of Provincial University Logistic Work, the Advanced Unit of Environmental Sanitation, the Safe & Courtesy Campus, and the Garden-Like  Unit as well.

AHJZU is composed of 12 colleges, offering 61 undergraduate programs which cover the fields of engineering, management, science, arts, law and agriculture. There are approximately 16,800 undergraduate students and of which there are over 2100 graduate students. There are about 1500 staffs of which there are over 1214 full-time teachers with 480 teachers got Associate Senior Professional Technicians, 1094 teachers got master degree or above, 15 doctoral supervisors and 458 master advisers.

AHJZU has 1 national famous teacher, 29 provincial famous teacher, 13 national teaching team and provincial teaching team, 5 provincial science and technology innovation team and 14 provincial academic and technical leaders6 specialists enjoying the special allowance of the State Council and 7 teachers enjoying  the special allowance of Anhui Provincial Government.

AHJZU has 1 doctorate degree program for first-level discipline, 12 master's degree programs for first-level discipline, 14 professional master's degree programs, 8 provincial key disciplines, 1 national engineering laboratory, 10 provincial key laboratories, 15 national and provincial engineering (technology) research centers. 1 provincial international science and technology cooperation base, 2 provincial university think tanks. More than 1.7 million paper books and over 3 million electronic books are now available in the library.

Closely relying on the advantages of broad civil engineering disciplinary, AHJZU actively serves the local economic and social development and forms many academic teams and science & research directions in the key area of energy conservation & environmental protection, urbanization & Anhui style architecture, underground engineering, public security, advanced building materials and so on. During recent five years, AHJZU has hosted national science & technology support plans, national science & technology major projects, sub-subjects of 973 plan, over 270 national projects of natural science fund & social science fund, over 950 national and provincial subjects of science and research and won 87 national or provincial awards of science and technology, of which there are 4 national second prize for progress in science and technology, and 1 gold medal for China national invention patent.

Sticking to running school by quality, AHJZU has been deepening the reform of education and teaching, establishing and perfecting quality control system, implementing quality engineering and making great achievement. Recently, AHJZU has 22 national projects of quality engineering and over 800 provincial projects of quality engineering, of which 1 national second prize for teaching achievement, 7 provincial outstanding awards for teaching achievement and 22 provincial first prize for teaching achievement. AHJZU has 15 national construction points of first-class undergraduate program, 4 national excellent courses, 18 provincial excellent courses, 1 national demonstration course of bilingual teaching, 1 “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” national planned textbook, 1 national innovation experiment area of talent training mode, 2 national demonstration center of experiment teaching, 4 national new engineering projects, and 2 national virtual simulation experiment teaching programs.

AHJZU has 25 science and research institutions such as energy conservation institution, Anhui style architecture research institution.  AHJZU has become a base to cultivate senior engineering applied talent with the spirit of innovation and practice ability with the help of many school-run enterprises such as research institute of  architecture & design, design institute of geotechnical survey, design institute of urban planningand so on.

AHJZU enrolls student from 26 provincesautonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. The quality of students has been much better year by year. The admission line of national college entrance examination and the employment rate of graduate students rank top of the Anhui provincial universities. The graduates are favored by employers. Students have made great achievements in various discipline competitions and sports competitions for students in universities and colleges of the whole country and the province, and have won more than 1,000 national, provincial and ministerial commendations and awards.

AHJZU is increasingly active in foreign exchange and has established intercollegiate cooperation with more than 20 universities in the United States, Germany, Britain, Russia, Belarus, South Korea and Taiwan. It also has great advances in joint-program, academic exchange, scientific collaboration and Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. AHJZU is a Sino-foreign cooperative school-running unit recognized by the Ministry of Education.

AHJZU adheres to the university motto of “VirtuesDeterminationKnowledgeand Self-improvement, the orientation of education of “Basing on Anhui, facing the nation, relying on construction industry, servicing urbanization” and the educational philosophy of “setting up university with quality, leading university by innovation, strengthening university with talents,  revitalizing university with feature specialty, administering university by law, and sticks to the route of characteristic development of playing cards of “building” and writing essays about “Anhui”. AHJZU strives for true, forges ahead, and makes arduous efforts for building a first-class high level university of architecture with distinctive characteristics.


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