School of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Exploration Technology and Engineering

Safety Engineering

Surveying and Mapping Engineering

Traffic Engineering

Road Bridge and River-crossing Engineering

Geological Engineering   

Urban Underground Space Engineering


School of Architecture and Urban Planning


Urban-rural Planning

Landscape Architecture


School of Environment and Energy Engineering

Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering

Building Environment and Energy Application

Environmental Engineering

Humanistic Geography and Urban-rural Planning

Geographical Information Science

Energy and Power Engineering

Environmental and Ecological Engineering 


School of Economy and Management

Engineering Management

Business Management

Financial Management



Real Estate Development and Management


Construction Cost

Financial Engineering

Assets Appraisal


School of Electronic and Information Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Communication Engineering

Network Engineering

Building Electricity and Intelligence

Electronic Science and Technology

Internet of Things Engineering


School of Materials and Chemical Engineering

Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering

Polymer Material and Engineering

Applied Chemistry

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Metallic Materials Engineering


School of Mathematics & Physics

Information and Computing Science

Applied Physics




School of Foreign Languages



School of Arts

Visual Communication Design

Environment Design

Environment Design (Sino-foreign Cooperative Program)


Public Art


School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automation

Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation


Technique and Instrumentation of Measurements

Industrial Design

Process Equipment and Control Engineering

Mechanical and Electronic Engineering


School of Public Policy and Management


Human Resource Management

Labor and Social Security

Land Resource Management

Urban Management


School of Marxism

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