Introduction to School of Architecture and Urban Planning

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Cradle of Construction Talents in Wanjiang

Our School now has the Department of Architecture, the Department of Urban-Rural Planning and the Department of Landscape Architecture. It has three undergraduate majors: Architecture, Urban & Rural Planning, and Landscape Architecture. It has master's degree authorization points such as Architecture, Architecture(Professional), Urban & Rural Planning, Urban Planning(Professional), and Landscape Architecture (Professional). Urban & Rural Planning is the Peak Discipline of Anhui Province, Architecture is the peak cultivation discipline of Anhui Province, and Landscape Architecture is the key construction discipline of Anhui Jianzhu University.

Architecture Major and Urban-Rural Planning Major passed the National Professional Education Assessment for the first time in 2007 and 2008 respectively, which is one of the earliest institutions in China that both passed the undergraduate and postgraduate assessment of the two majors.In 2019, the Landscape Architecture Major took the lead in passing the Professional Education Evaluation of Anhui Province, realizing the full coverage of three major professional evaluation of Architecture. Urban & Rural Planning Major is the construction site of national first-class specialty and national characteristic specialty; Architecture Major is the construction site of provincial first-class specialty and provincial characteristic specialty Landscape Architecture is the key construction specialty of the provincial higher education revitalization plan and the specialty of the provincial outstanding engineer training plan.

The School is known as the Cradle of Architectural Talents in WanJiang. Many alumni graduated were selected as provincial design masters, and many alumni became the leaders or backbone of large-scale design units. After years of exploration and practice, the School has formed a training mode of architectural innovative talents with multiple cross, feature fusion. The students in the School have emerged in all kinds of architectural, planning, landscape design competitions and innovation & entrepreneurship competitions at home and abroad, and the number of awards has increased year by year. In recent five years, the School has won one second prize of National Excellent Teaching Achievement, two special prizes and two first prizes of Anhui Excellent Teaching  Achievement.

The Highland of Anhui Architecture Research

In 1986, Anhui Institute of Architecture & Industry set up the Institute of Ancient Architecture, which was the pioneer of Anhui Architecture research in China, and later renamed as Anhui Architecture Research Institute. In 2018, Anhui Key Laboratory of Anhui Architecture was approved, which is the only key experimental platform in the field of Architecture in Anhui Province. Relying on the laboratory, the School has successively undertaken research and demonstration of key technologies for the protection, utilization and inheritance of Huizhou ancient architecture settlements, characteristics, formation mechanism and inspiration for rural planning of ancient Huizhou traditional settlement space network and a number of important research topics benchmarked by National Science and Technology Support Program and National Natural Science Foundation Project, and produced a series of high-level academic achievements,which has won many awards of Scientific and Technological Progress in Anhui Province. The School actively promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements,combined with the implementation of the south Anhui international tourism and culture demonstration zone and the project of One Hundred Villages and One Thousand Buildings in huangshan city,carried out the project demonstration of Huizhou settlement core block style renovation, the protection and reuse of the original site of ancient buildings, and made positive contributions to the regional economic and social development.

College offers a series of Huizhou architectural culture courses, publishing related monographs and teaching materials, insist on applying the research results of Huizhou architectural culture to the whole talent training cycle, undertake based on the development of the industry, heritage regional culture, training characteristic talents - Huizhou architectural culture inheritance and innovation characteristic talent training research and practice won the special award of Anhui Province excellent teaching achievements.

Think Tank of Urban & Rural Construction in AnHui

At present, our School has nearly 100 full-time teachers and nearly 40 senior supervisors, including 1 Doctoral Supervisor, 28 Master Supervisors, 1 Young Wanjiang Scholar of Anhui Province and 2 Teaching Masters of Anhui Province. In recent years, our School actively responses to the national strategic deployment and make recommendations to the development of the urban and rural construction in Anhui Province, establishs strategic cooperation framework with Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development of Anhui Province,Department of Agriculture and Rural Areas,and Office of Natural Resources sets up in Anhui Province Urbanization Development Research Center, Urbanization Construction Synergy Innovation Center , Anhui Province Rural Revitalization of the Institute and the National Spatial Planning & Ecological Research Institute,which are provincial scientific research platforms.

In the past five years, relying on the platform of scientific research, the School has undertaken nearly 200 scientific research projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China. It has won 2 first prizes for Scientific & Technological Progress in Anhui Province and 12 Provincial and Ministerial Survey and Design awards. It has published more than 10 academic monographs and nearly 200 academic papers.The beautiful village planning of Shuifan Village in Yuexi County and Dawan Village in Jinzhai County undertaken by the School has obtained significant social repercussions and was selected to the Scientific and Technological Innovation Exhibition celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up in Anhui Province.

Window of Architectural Cultural Exchange

The School has been increasingly active in international exchanges. Through a series of activities such as joint teaching, school-enterprise cooperation, overseas exchange, international conference and summer camp, the School has enriched students' learning and growth experience and promoted cultural cooperation and exchanges inside and outside the School. The Construction Festival  held for many times has become the highlight of the School, attracting extensive participation from colleges and universities in and outside the province.Joint graduation projects with Xi 'an University of Architecture and Technology, Nanjing University of Technology and other universities have become the norm of education.

The School has sent many teachers to the University of Washington, Chiba University in Japan, Seoul University in South Korea and other famous foreign universities to carry out cooperative research or study for degrees.Every year, many outstanding students are selected to go to Taiwan Tunghai University for exchange and study. With the help of activities such as Taiwan Youth Student Emblem Culture Summer Camp and Taiwan Teachers and Students Huizhou Architecture Culture Research Camp, Huizhou architecture culture is taken as the carrier to open a new door for cross-strait teachers and students to exchange.

After decades of hard work and running schools, Anhui Jianzhu  University's  Faculty of Architecture and Planning has become an important base for the cultivation of architectural talents, scientific research, social service and cultural exchange with obvious advantages and distinct regional characteristics in the industry.

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