Introduction to School of Economics and Management

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School of Economics and Management (SEM) provides 8 undergraduate programs including engineering management, engineering cost, real estate development and management, financial management, accounting, economics, financial engineering, asset evaluation, as well as master program of management science and engineering as the first-level disciplines, Master of Engineering Management (MEM) professional degree, master of engineering in civil and hydraulic engineering (directions of project management and construction economics and management). Engineering management passed the national higher education professional evaluation sponsored by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development with conclusions “Excellent” respectively in the year 2008, 2013 and 2018. Engineering management is also a national featured major granted in 2010, a provincial outstanding engineer education and training program granted in 2012, a provincial brand major granted in 2017, and a national first-level undergraduate major granted in 2019. Real estate development and management is a provincial first-level undergraduate major ranked in 2019. Management science and engineering was rated as the provincial key disciplines in 2012. The total value of instruments and equipment in the laboratory of engineering management, enterprise management, finance and accounting, and economics and finance is more than 5 million RMB. These laboratories undertake experimental teaching tasks of BIM (Building Information Model)engineering cost, computerized accounting, enterprise management informatization, manual accounting simulation, ERP sand table simulation, management decision simulation and engineering management sand table simulation, financial simulation, financial data mining, and quantitative investment.

SEM has a strong teaching faculty of 82 teachers, among whom 11 professors, 26 associate professors, 18 master supervisors and 30 with Doctor Degrees. It has undertaken more than 150 scientific research projects of various types as well as nearly 6 million RMB research funds. It has obtained provincial teaching achievement awards and social science achievement awards totally 6 times, including 2 provincial teaching achievement first awards. It has compiled or participated in the compilation of more than 10 provincial planning textbooks; and published more than 400 academic papers including over 70 first-class papers (EI, SCI etc) and over 90 second-class papers (CSSCI, CSCD, etc.).

SEM attaches great importance to training students’ practical ability and vigorously carries out discipline competitions in engineering management, business management and financial investment. In recent years, student representatives have continuously participated in many discipline competitions and innovation and entrepreneurship competitions such as enterprise management ERP simulation, engineering cost measurement, engineering project management simulation and financial investment innovation. They have won more than 50 provincial and above awards annually, among which there are more than 10 national awards. SEM focuses on establishing a good industry-university-research cooperation and establishing multiple teaching practice employment bases in Anhui province. In the year 2012, “Engineering Education Practice Center of Anhui Jianzhu University-Bestsbet Group” was awarded university-enterprise cooperation engineering education practice base in Anhui province.

SEM closely combines with the construction, real estate and other industries and research fields such as urbanization and regional development by relying on AHJZU’s professional advantages in civil engineering disciplines. Through making full use of the provincial key humanities and social sciences research base namely “Construction Economics and Real Estate Management Research Center”, SEM vigorously develops undergraduate programs of engineering management, finance and accounting, economics and finance, strengthens graduate programs of management science and engineering and Master of Engineering Management (MEM), constructs key research bases in the fields of construction economics and real estate management. SEM aims to train applied, compound and advanced professional talents in the areas of engineering management, business management, economics and finance who can meet the needs of the times and society; and services the construction industry, real estate industry and local economic and social development by industry-university-research combination.

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