Introduction to School of Mathematics and Physics

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The School of Mathematics and Physics of Anhui Jianzhu University was formerly known as the Basic Department. The Department of Mathematics and Physics was established in July 2001, and was renamed as the School of Mathematics and Physics in December 2013. The college consists of Mathematics Teaching and Research Section, Physics Teaching and Research Section, Department of Applied Physics, Department of Statistics, Experiment Center of Mathematics and Physics and Institute of Acoustics. Among them, the Experiment Center of Mathematics and Physics is the provincial-level basic experiment demonstration center, including five laboratories of Acoustics, College Physics, Professional physics, Applied Statistics and Mathematical Modeling. The School has three undergraduate majors in Applied Physics, Statistics and Acoustics, among which 721 students are enrolled. The Acoustics major has been approved as the project of professional structure optimization and adjustment and professional reform in the revitalization plan of Anhui Province. Applied Physics is a comprehensive pilot major in Anhui Province. At present, There are three master's programs in Applied Statistics, Systems Engineering, Physical Electronics, with 35 master's students.

The School of Mathematics and Physics now have 96 members of faculty, among whom are 17 professors, 27 associate professors, including 21 postgraduate supervisors, and 54 teachers with doctoral degrees. It has 1 Special Expert of Anhui Province , 1 National Excellent Teacher, 2 Excellent Teachers of Anhui Province,, 2 Famous Teacher of Anhui Province, 8 New Comers in the Teaching Field of Anhui Province, 1 Backup Candidate for Academic and Technical Leaders of Anhui Province, 1 Excellent Instructor of National College Students Mathematical Modeling Competition and 1 Provincial Teaching Team. Teachers of the School have won many awards in the national university mathematics curriculum micro-class competition, the teaching competition for young university teachers in Anhui Province, the teaching competition for employment and entrepreneurship guidance courses in Anhui Province, and the teaching competition for young teachers of Anhui Jianzhu University in previous years.

While undertaking a large number of teaching tasks, teachers of the School are actively engaged in the construction of disciplines and specialty and educational and teaching reform. In the past five years, it has undertaken nearly 20 Provincial-level Teaching and Research Projects, won more than 10 awards for Excellent Teaching Achievements in Anhui Province, 2 awards for Excellent Teaching Achievements in China Construction Education Association. It has 5 Provincial Excellent Courses, such as Advanced Mathematics, Linear Algebra, College Physics, Mathematical Modeling and Thermotics. Teachers of the School actively guide students to participate in the Mathematical Modeling Competition, Mathematical Competition, Physical Experiment Competition, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and other scientific and technological activities, won more than 200 awards at all levels, including the international and national first prizes.

Teachers of the School give full play to the advantages of the basic disciplines of mathematics and physics, take the initiative to connect with the advantageous disciplines of Anhui Jianzhu University, and seek for a new joint point of scientific research. In the past five years, he has presided over nearly 100 scientific research projects, including 12 projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, with a total funding of more than 10 million yuan. More than 10 scientific research awards have been awarded successively, including 1 third prize for excellent scientific research achievements of national universities, 1 second prize and 2 third prizes for science and technology of Anhui Province. He has published 7 monographs and more than 400 academic papers, more than 320 of which have been collected by SCI, EI and ISTP, including China Science, Science Bulletin and journal papers of JCR area I.

The School always attaches great importance to foreign exchanges and cooperation, and regularly invites famous experts and scholars from home and abroad, including academicians of the Chinese academy of sciences, to visit and give lectures in the School. At the same time, more than 30 people have been sent to famous universities at home and abroad to study and visit.

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