Introduction to School of Arts

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The School of Arts currently offers four undergraduate programs in Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design, Animation and Public Art, and a 3 + 1 Sino-US joint education undergraduate program in Environmental Design approved by the Ministry of Education. The school established the first Environmental Design undergraduate program in Anhui Province. It offers two graduate programs: Master of Arts and Master of Engineering with a focus on arts design (in the field of architecture and civil engineering).

The school has established three departments of Environmental Design, Visual Communication Design and Animation; two teaching and research departments of Fine Arts and Sculpture, and the Department of External Exhibition and Cooperation. The School has a provincial scientific research platform – Anhui Huizhou Sculptural Engineering Technology Research Center. It also holds an Innovative Experimental Zone for Animation Talent Training Models of Architectural Universities jointly established by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance. The school’s experimental center consists of an animation-training center, a decorative materials laboratory, a graphic design studio, an art design studio and a ceramic art studio.

The school currently has 66 full-time faculty members, including three professors and ten associate professors. Six of them have doctoral degrees, 43 have master’s degree, and one enjoys the special allowance of the provincial government. The school has more than 8,000 square meters of teaching, scientific research and office space, and its exhibition hall is 500 square meters. The total value of the school’s equipment is nearly 10 million RMB.

The school closely aligns with the talent training goal of Anhui Jianzhu University, attaches great importance to creating a strong humanistic and artistic atmosphere, adheres to the integration of art and engineering, design and art as well as theory and practice, and strives to cultivate highly qualified talents with scientific and humanistic spirits, modern design and artistic creative ability.

In recent years, the school has won one China National Arts Fund, one National University Campus Cultural Achievement Award from the Ministry of Education; two Anhui Province Social Science and Literature Awards. The school’s faculty have presided over one National Teaching and Research Project, participated in two Anhui Province's Major Historical Theme Creation Projects, and published 18 monographs, nine national and provincial 11th Five-Year planning textbooks, five 12th Five-Year planning textbooks. The faculty have also presided over 25 provincial and ministerial-level teaching and scientific research projects, and over 20 research projects supported by enterprises. More than 40 pieces of art works have been presented in national and large domestic art exhibitions. In addition, students have won more than 100 awards in provincial-level and nation-wide professional competitions.

The school attaches importance to establishing good industry-university-research cooperation, and has established more than 20 teaching, internship, employment, and entrepreneurship bases nationwide. It has active international exchanges and cooperation, and has selected and sent faculty to the United States, Russia, Italy, and South Korea for further studies. The students also have the opportunity of studying in Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. The school has exchange activities with Hanseo University of South Korea on undergraduates’ architectural and art works each year. Additionally, the school has a joint education undergraduate program with Central Michigan University of the United States. There are frequent exchanges, communication, and cooperation between Anhui Jianzhu University and Central Michigan University.

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