Introduction to School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

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The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering was built in 1991. After several adjustments, the department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering was established in 2004. Then, it was officially renamed as the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in 2008. This department has 7 undergraduate majors, for example, mechanical manufacturing design and automation, electrical engineering and automation, automation, measurement and control technology and instruments, industrial design, process equipment and control engineering, mechatronics engineering. Meanwhile, it has the first-class academic discipline of control science and engineering for the Master's degree authorization points and mechanical engineering specialty master's degree authorization points. Among them, the major of mechanical manufacturing design   and automation has passed the international engineering education professional certification, which is the national first-class professional construction point and Six Outstanding and One-Top” outstanding talent training program majors. Moreover, it is the specialty (brand) major and comprehensive reform major of Anhui province. The electrical engineering and automation major is Six Outstanding and One-Top” outstanding talent training plan and comprehensive pilot reform major of Anhui Province. The measurement and control technology and instrument major is special major of our university. The process equipment and control engineering major is the optimization major and Six Outstanding and One-Top” outstanding talent training plan in Anhui Province. The mechanical and electrical engineering major in Anhui Province is the Six Outstanding and One-Top” Outstanding talent training plan major. Whats more, the industrial design major is the comprehensive reform pilot major and special major of Anhui Jianzhu University.

The college has strong teaching and research capabilities. There are 107 full-time teachers, including 11 full professors and 28 associate professors; 45 doctors and 35 masters. It has 3 teaching teachers in Anhui Province, 1 new outstanding teacher in Anhui Province, and 1 scientific and technological leader in Anhui Province. In recent years, the college has taken the cultivation of morality as the fundamental task, adheres to the people-oriented principle, promotes the four regressions, and comprehensively improves the quality of undergraduate teaching. We won 1 special prize of Anhui Province Teaching Achievement Award, 2 first prizes, 2 second prizes and 3 third prizes.

The college has excellent teaching experiments and subject platforms. There are four departments, one teaching and research room and three experimental centers, which are respectively mechanical engineering department, electrical engineering department, control engineering department, industrial design department, engineering graphics teaching and research room, engineering training center, mechanical experiment center, and electric power and electrical and electronic experiment center. Among them, the mechanical experiment center, engineering training center and electric power and electrical and electronic experiment center are provincial experimental demonstration centers, and the electric power and electrical and electronic demonstration center are provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching centers. It owns Anhui Provincial Key Laboratory of Intelligent Manufacturing for Construction Machinery and School-level Key Laboratory of Construction Machinery Fault Diagnosis and Early Warning Technology. The college has nearly 40 million yuan of various teaching and research equipment and a total building area about 7,000 square meters. In recent years, the college has undertaken more than 100 vertical and horizontal scientific research projects including national support plans, national key research and development plans, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Anhui Provincial Scientific and Technological Research Program, Anhui Provincial Natural Science Foundation and entrusted projects by large enterprises. Meanwhile, we could carry out basic research and social service work in the fields of engineering machinery, industrial robots, building smart energy microgrids, composite materials, etc., has a high academic influence. In the past five year, there are more than 300 academic papers have been published, of which more than 100 were searched by SCI, EI, CSCD, and more than 20 invention patents were authorized.

Our college has actively carried out foreign exchanges and cooperation, and has established good cooperative relations with Dresden University of Technology in Germany, Illinois Institute of Technology in the US, CITI School of Management in Singapore, Hanri University in Korea, and several domestic universities that we reached an agreement on student exchange, students studying for a degree, and exchanged teachers, visiting scholars, and international students every year. The college also cooperates with Hefei Forklift Truck, Hitachi Construction Machinery, State Grid, Xu Ji Electric, Jianghuai Automobile, Anhui Zhongding, Zhibang Cabinet, Gemei Electric and other enterprises to actively build teaching and research platforms and industry-university-research cooperation platforms.

Taking the Science and Technology Culture Festival as the carrier, our college vigorously promotes scientific and technological innovation activities and organize students to participate in a variety of disciplines including mechanical innovation design competition, process equipment practice innovation competition, Freescale smart car, challenge cup, engineering training competition, robotics competition, etc. In recent years,we have won 2 red dot awards which is called Oscar Award in the design industry, 2 first prizes and 2 third prizes in other international competitions. In a word, we have won nearly one hundred national prizes, including more than 20 special and first prizes.

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