Introduction to School of Public Policy & Management

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The School of Public Policy and Management was established in June 2017, formerly the School of Law and Politics, established in 2004. Our school has the Department of Law, the Department of Human Resources and Social Security, the Department of Land Resource Management and a Humanistic Education Center. There are six undergraduate majors in Law, Human Resource Management, Labor and Social Security, Land Resource Management, Urban Management, and Law (as a second bachelor’s degree). The three undergraduate majors of Law, Human Resources Management, Labor and Social Security are in the implementation of the outstanding social science education program in Anhui Province. Meanwhile, the Urban Management and Land Resource Management are among the top selected majors. The Humanistic Quality Education Center governs the humanistic quality courses for the whole university. Currently, the school comprises of major social science research centers of Anhui Provincial Higher Education, these include the Urban Management Research Center, Anhui Higher Education ‘Think Tank’ – New Urbanization Construction and Development Center; as well as the School grant master’s degree in Public Management (1st level) and Urban Management (2nd level).

The school currently has 60 faculty members, including 53 full-time teachers, among them there are 32 professors, 30 with doctorates , and many with highly trained skills, honorary titles and rich experiences, including a provincial academic leader (1 personnel), talent program of Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education (2 personnel), provincial distinguished teacher (1 personnel), provincial outstanding teacher (1 personnel), provincial top talents (2 personnel), provincial outstanding young talents (3 personnel), provincial academic and technical leader reserve candidate (1 personnel), and provincial new talents in teaching (3 personnel).

There are 1201 undergraduate students and 22 postgraduate students studying in our School. Relying on the high-level sports teams, the School continues to implement the Excellent Training Program and launches a series of Senior Leads Young projects. The School implements a content-rich ‘second classroom system’, and creates a number of highlighted programs such as the Yihai Classics Singing Contest and Elegant Calligraphy Contest. To date, more than 2,000 high-quality talents have been sent to the society, including over 270 obtained civil servants roles and more than 400 postgraduate students. For these graduated students from our School, most of them have accomplished certain achievements at their workplace.

Our School actively explores education and teaching reforms and trains talents at multiple levels and in all aspects. The School has established mock courts, a human resources laboratory, a comprehensive social security laboratory, and a land and resources laboratory in order to fully support our students. In addition, we have developed more than 30 stable employment and internship contacts to facilitate and transit graduated students to the labor market. Thus, we have won 1 special prize, 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 2 third prizes in teaching achievements in Anhui Province.

The School engages in 6 national level projects in social science, and more than 30 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects such as the humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education. Our School has achieved great accomplishments, including one second and one third prize of social science achievements of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, two social science provincial awards, and more than 30 other scientific research awards; in addition to those are two research reports which were approved by provincial leaders. Furthermore, the School has published more than 200 papers in the past 5 years, including more than 80 papers in CSSCI journals.

The school adheres to the motto of promoting virtues for the public, focusing on construction for the management”, hence it continuously promotes a revolutionary mindset, updates the ideology, improves the operational conditions, consistently optimizes the teacher structure, gradually improves the running level, and strives to operate with its characteristics and high standards.

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