Introduction to School of Marxism

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The School of Marxism of Anhui Jianzhu University was founded in July 2016. It is a second-level teaching institution under the leadership of the party committee of the university and undertakes the teaching tasks of ideological and political theory courses for undergraduates and graduate students.

There are five teaching and research departments: the teaching and Research Office of the introduction to the basic principles of Marxism, the teaching and Research Office of the introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the teaching and Research Office of Ideological and moral cultivation and legal basis, the teaching and Research Office of the outline of modern Chinese history and the teaching and Research Office of the situation and policy course. It has 5 Provincial carry forward socialist core values master studio”.

The School currently has 56 full-time and part-time teachers, including 5 professors, 20 associate professors, 15 PhDs, 1 national distinguished teacher, 2 provincial excellent teachers, 2 provincial excellent moral education workers, 2 provincial well-known teachers, 3 new talents in provincial education and 1 teaching expert in teaching of provincial ideological and political theory courses, 1 Anhui province university ideological and political course teacher influence person, 3 Anhui Provincial Party Committee lecture group preaching expert and youth preaching famous teachers and 1 province ideological and political theory course teaching expert person. All kinds of provincial and above teaching class award more than 10 times.

In recent years, the school carried out teaching reform and research focusing on practical teaching, test bank construction, wisdom Class, mixed teaching and actively promoted the teaching quality of ideological and political theory courses around the four main courses. The school of Marxism won two first prizes for teaching achievements of higher education in Anhui Province, two second prizes, one third prize; the second prize of Anhui Province Ideological and Political Teaching Competition, the second prize of Anhui Province situation and policy teaching demonstration, and the excellent one of Anhui Province ideological and political course, more than 10 provincial quality engineering projects have been approved and 1 construction project of ideological and political education practice base for college students has been approved as the revitalization plan, 3 promotion projects in provincial universities and 1 school teaching team. Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis is a large-scale online open course construction project at the provincial level . Introduction to Mao Zedong Thought and Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics is a school level excellent course. Introduction to Basic Principles of Marxism and Outline of Modern Chinese History are excellent courses at the school level. Situation and Policy is key construction course at the school level.

The school has won 3 national social science fund projects, more than 20 provincial and ministerial projects, and more than 20 department-level projects. It has obtained rich research results, for 5 monographs and about 200 related academic papers, including nearly 40 CSSCI journal papers.

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