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Located in Hefei, the provincial capital, combined with the advantage of distinguishing majors of civil engineering and architecture, English major has enjoyed certain celebrity and influencing power among peer colleges after the innovation and reform.

Cultivation Objectives

Objective 1: Bearing good comprehensive quality, professional ethics and humanistic quality.

Objective 2: Be proficient in communication in English

Objective 3: Having mastered solid knowledge in English language and literature, including basic knowledge in literature, linguistics, translation and interpretation as well as elementary ability of academic research.

Objective 4: Having mastered knowledge of English major which can meet the requirement of national economic construction and social development. The graduates can be proficient in careers that range from international trade, foreign-related projects, to teaching of English as a second language.

Objective 5: Bearing strong sense of social responsibility, patriotism, international vision and the abilities to create, cooperate and continuously learn to adapt to new requirement.

Core Courses

Comprehensive English, English Listening, Advanced English, Advanced English Writing, English Translation, Introduction to English linguistics, History of English Literature, and Introduction to English Literature

Employment Prospects

The graduates are qualified in careers that range from translation and interpretation, international trade, foreign affairs, and teaching of English or Chinese as a second language in state agencies, foreign trade corporations, foreign-related corporations and fields of education, science and technology, culture, etc.

Major Features

The college aims to cultivate talents equipped with comprehensive application skills of language as well as basic knowledge in international trade, architecture, English education, management science etc. In the teaching process, the college adopts the belief of cultivating students of solid knowledge foundation, strong ability of applying knowledge into practice and broad employment prospects.

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