Safety Engineering

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Safety Engineering began to recruit undergraduates in 2005 and became the provincial characteristic major in 2015. In 2018, it was approved as a masters degree program in the first-level discipline of Safety Science and Engineering, which was selected as the provincial first-class specialty construction site in 2019. Relying on the advantages of subjects group among civil engineering integration in our university, it has constructed seven professional labs, including civil construction safety lab, industrial ventilation lab, mine safety lab, building fires lab, man-machine engineering lab, dust prevention lab, emergency rescue lab. At present, the major has formed the curriculum system with two training directions based on the ground engineering security and safety of underground space. Most graduates are employed by central and state-owned enterprises, such as CSCEC, CREC, CRCC and CCCC. The first employment rate of graduates has remained at a high level, and all employers are highly satisfied with the students trained in this major.

Cultivation objectives:

Graduates of this major are expected to achieve the following goals by experiencing work or further education within 5 years after graduation:

Objective 1: Having the good sense of social responsibility, professional ethics and humanistic quality.

Objective 2: Be able to carry out the supervision of occupational health and safety, the planning and design of safety engineering project, and safety management or safety design, testing, evaluation, supervision and management work.

Objective 3: Having the strong employment competitiveness and the ability to engage in academic research.

Objective 4: Having the ability of teamwork, communication and project management.

Objective 5: Having innovative spirit, sustainable development concept and international vision, and be able to keep learning and adapt to development.


Core courses:

The major has the following specialized foundation courses: Introduction to Safety Science and Engineering, Safety Theory, Safety System Engineering, Safety Management, Safety Ergonomics, Thermodynamics Fundamentals, Industrial Ventilation and Dust Prevention, Rock Mechanics, Safety Technology and Management of Civil Construction, Electrical Safety, and so on.


Major features:

The major establishes the multi-level practical teaching system and focuses on the training of students engineering ability. With the core of famous teachers and professors, the major is a high-level teacher team with reasonable knowledge structure, educational background structure and age structure. This major vigorously promotes research-oriented teaching, and pays special attention to developing various forms of practical teaching, training students innovative ability and entrepreneurship consciousness. Up to now, the major has formed the unique construction industry safety characteristics.


Employment prospect:

The major aims to train high quality applied talents with social responsibility, innovative spirit and practical ability who are comprehensive development in moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic grounding. The graduates can be engaged in safety planning and design, safety management, safety, supervision and safety evaluation among the field of construction, transportation, municipal administration, government and intermediary service agency.

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