Surveying and Mapping Engineering

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Surveying and Mapping Engineering was established in 2006. It mainly carries out the teaching of the basic course of engineering survey and the training of professionals in surveying and mapping engineering. There are professional laboratories such as “Surveying and Mapping Engineering Comprehensive Laboratory”, “Precision Engineering Surveying Laboratory” and “Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Laboratory” and total assets of instruments and equipment are about 7 million yuan in the Surveying and Mapping Engineering. It meets the professional training and positioning needs of students which have strong engineering practice capabilities, and students have participated in national surveying and mapping skills competitions for many times and obtained excellent results.

Cultivation objectives:

Graduates of this major are expected to achieve the following goals by experiencing work or further education within 5 years after graduation:

Objective 1: Have a good sense of social responsibility, professional ethics and humanities;

Objective 2: Master relevant knowledge of surveying and mapping engineering disciplines;

Objective 3: Ability to comprehensively analyze, research and solve complex engineering problems in surveying and mapping engineering;

Objective 4: Ability to work in teams, communicate and express, and manage projects;

Objective 5: Have the spirit of innovation, sustainable development concept and international vision, can continuously learn and adapt to development.


Core courses: 

Introduction to Geomatics, Digital Topographic Surveying, Fundamentals of Error Theory and Surveying Adjustment, Foundation of Geodesy, Engineering Surveying, Principles and Applications of GNSS, Cartographic Basis, Principles of Geographic Information Systems, Fundamentals of Photogrammetry, Principle and Application of Remote Sensing.


Major features:

Since the establishment of the Surveying and Mapping Engineering, it has relied on platforms such as the National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Building Health Monitoring and Disaster Prevention Technology of the College of Civil Engineering, Anhui Key Laboratory of Huizhou Architecture and Anhui Rural Revitalization Research Institute, and combined the digital protection of national historical and cultural cities, towns and villages, rural rejuvenation strategy of Anhui Province, and the protection of Huizhou Architecture to expand external contacts. It has formulated many practical measures to improve and guarantee the quality of undergraduate teaching, and it has been built into such a discipline, which is based on engineering surveying technology, focuses on the integration and application of 3S technology, and features urban and rural planning and construction, spatial information surveying and mapping, and traditional architectural surveying and mapping. It continues to deepen teaching reforms to form a perfect high-level talent education system.


Employment prospect:

After graduation, students can engage in technology application, research, management and teaching in national basic surveying and mapping construction, Internet LBS applications, urban intelligent transportation, map and geographic information system design, urban surveying and mapping, engineering construction, land and resources survey and management, environmental protection and disasters.

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