Road Bridge and River-crossing Engineering

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This major relies on the first-level disciplines of civil engineering, provincial key disciplines such as structural engineering, disaster prevention and reduction engineering and protection engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, and Anhui Key Laboratory of Building Structures and Underground Engineering. The road Bridge and River-Crossing Engineering Major was established and recruited students in 2010. It is the first undergraduate major in road bridge and river-crossing engineering in Anhui Province. Now it is the key major of Anhui Provincial Higher Education Revitalization Plan and the pilot major of comprehensive reform of Anhui major.


Cultivation objectives

Graduates of this major are expected to achieve the following goals by experiencing work or further education within 5 years after graduation:

Objective 1: Have a good sense of social responsibility, professional ethics and humanities.

Objective 2: Master the knowledge of road, bridge and river crossing engineering disciplines

Objective 3: Ability to comprehensively analyze, research and solve complex engineering problems in road bridge and river crossing engineering.

Objective 4: Ability to work in teams, communicates and express, and manage projects.

Objective 5: Have the spirit of innovation, sustainable development concept and international vision, can continuously learn and adapt to development.


Core courses

Mechanics of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Road Engineering Materials, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Principle of Structural Design, Road Survey and Design, Subgrade and Pavement Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Tunnel Engineering.


Major features:

This major constructs and forms a multi-level practical teaching system that highlights the cultivation of students engineering ability, utilizes the latest research results of teachers to promote teaching with scientific research, and carries out various forms of innovative practical activities to strengthen the cultivation of students innovative ability.


Employment prospect:

Graduates of this major can engage in design, construction, management, etc. in road engineering, bridge engineering, transportation engineering, and civil engineering industries. They can also engage in management and scientific research at relevant government agencies, engineering construction management departments, scientific research departments and colleges and universities to do management, research, design and teaching. They can also continue to study for a masters degree in bridge and tunnel engineering, road and railway engineering, and structural engineering.

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