Exploration Technology and Engineering

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The major was established and enrolled students in 2005. Based on the civil engineering key subject, the course system includes engineering investigation technology and environmental geotechnical engineering. Exploration technology and engineering was awarded the characteristic major of Anhui Province in 2014. This major has the geotechnical engineering master degree authorization qualification. In addition, several teaching practice bases are affiliated to this major, such as Construction Engineering and Underground Structure (Anhui key laboratory) and Survey and Design Institutes. All above, Exploration Technology and Engineering shows distinctive characteristics which are the vital majors of Anhui Jianzhu University (AHJZU).

Cultivation objectives:

Graduates of this major are expected to achieve the following goals by experiencing work or further education within 5 years after graduation:

Objective 1: Have good sense of social responsibility, professional ethics and humanistic quality;

Objective 2: Be able to engage in all kinds of engineering survey, design, construction and supervision work;

Objective 3: Be employable in the architecture, municipal, road and railway sectors and to be able to undertake scientific research;

Objective 4: Have the ability of teamwork, communication and project management;

Objective 5: Have the spirit of innovation, the concept of sustainable development and international vision, can continue to learn and adapt to development.


Core courses:

General Geology, Hydrogeology Foundation, Soil Mechanics and Basic Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Rock Mass Mechanics, Gravity and Magnetic Exploration Principles and Methods, Electric Exploration Principles and Methods, Seismic Exploration Principles and Methods, Engineering Geology (level A), Geotechnical Engineering Investigation, Geotechnical Drilling Engineering


Major features:

This major is supported by the master’s degree of geotechnical engineering, with abundant faculty. This major has cultivated the applied talents with thick foundation, wide caliber, strong ability and high quality. Through the construction of in-class practice, all kinds of science and technology competition activities, extracurricular practice and other innovative practice platform to strengthen the innovation ability and entrepreneurial awareness.


Employment prospect:

The graduates are mainly engaged in various engineering survey, design, construction and supervision, as well as teaching, research and management of similar majors in universities and research institutes. After graduation, students can also continue to study for geotechnical engineering, geological engineering and other professional direction.

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