Urban Underground Space Engineering

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Urban Underground Space Engineering is a special major established by the Ministry of Education which are based on Civil Engineering (first-level discipline), Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Engineering and Protection Engineering (provincial key disciplines) and Urban and Rural Planning, and Anhui key laboratory of building structure and underground engineering. The major was established in 2014 and enrolled students in 2015. This major has authorized for master’s degrees in Geotechnical Engineering, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering, and professional master’s degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering. It is a major with strong teaching and research strengths and distinctive features.

Cultivation objectives:

Graduates of this major are expected to achieve the following goals by experiencing work or further education within 5 years after graduation:

Objective 1: Have good sense of social responsibility, professional ethics and humanistic quality;

Objective 2: Be able to have abilities for take charge of urban underground space engineering planning, design, construction and management.

Objective 3: Competitive in the field of architecture, municipal engineering, road and railway, and have the ability to engage in scientific research.

Objective 4: Have ability to work in a team, communicate and manage projects

Objective 5: Have the spirit of innovation, the concept of sustainable development and international vision, can continue to learn and adapt to development


Core Courses:

Theoretical Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Structural Mechanics, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Rock Mechanics and Engineering, Design Principles of Concrete Structure, Planning and Design of Urban Underground Space, Underground Building Structures, Deep Foundation Pit Engineering, Urban Tunnel Engineering, Underground Building Construction.


Major features:

Attach importance to the reform and innovation of practical teaching contents, methods and means, cultivate students’ innovative and entrepreneurial consciousness and engineering practice ability. Make full use of the academic advantages of civil engineering and urban-rural planning to cultivate composite talents with interdisciplinary backgrounds.


Employment prospect:

Graduates can work on underground space engineering planning, surveying, design, construction, management, investment, development, scientific research and education in the fields of architecture, municipal engineering, transportation and civil engineering. In addition, graduates can engage in further study in majors such as structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, and municipal engineering.

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