Civil Engineering

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Civil engineering is a provincial education reform demonstration major, it is the pilot major of “Excellent Engineers Education and Cultivation Plan” and the national characteristic specialty under construction.In 2007 and 2012, it passed the national higher education civil engineering professional evaluation of the Ministry of housing and urban-rural development of the people's Republic of China, and passed the national higher education civil engineering professional evaluation (certification) of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the people’s Republic of China in 2017, with a validity of 6 years.


Cultivation objectives:

The students trained in this major can adapt to the needs of socialist modernization construction, with the development of virtue, wisdom, physical and art in an all-round way, master the basic principles and knowledge of civil engineering discipline, receive the basic training of engineer quality, and be able to engage in the technical or management work in the fields of civil engineering design, construction, management, research, education, investment and development etc., and can become the applied engineering and technical talents with innovative spirit and practical ability in about 5 years.The specific training objectives are:

Objective 1: Master the relevant knowledge of civil engineering discipline;

Objective 2: Have the ability to comprehensively analyze, research and solve complex engineering problems of civil engineering specialty;

Objective 3: Have the ability of team work, communication and project management;

Objective 4: Have professional ethics, humanities and Social Sciences literacy, international vision and lifelong learning awareness.


Core courses:

Theoretical Mechanics, Materials Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Design Principle of Concrete Structure, Steel Structure,Civil Engineering Construction, Civil Engineering Cost, High-rise Building Structure, Engineering Project Management, Software Engineering, Building Equipment Automation, etc.


Major features:

The major of civil engineering consists of two directions: Construction Engineering and BIM Prefabricated Building. The direction of Construction Engineering is to train students to have solid knowledge, ability and quality of construction engineering design and construction technology and management;the direction of BIM Prefabricated Building is to train students to study computer information technology and mechanical equipment related professional knowledge on the basis of mastering the major of civil engineering, and cultivate engineering science and technology talents with innovation and entrepreneurship ability and cross-border integration ability.


Employment prospect:

Graduates can be engaged in planning, design, construction, supervision, consultation, management (detection, evaluation, maintenance) and information technology of civil and commercial buildings, industrial buildings, underground buildings and other types of buildings. They are mainly employed in engineering survey and design units, construction and supervision enterprises, real estate development enterprises, engineering cost consulting agencies, software enterprises, and municipal administration departments, colleges and universities as well as scientific research institutions. The qualification certificates involved include registered structural engineer, registered civil engineer, registered supervision engineer, registered constructor, seismic safety evaluation engineer, etc.

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