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Cultivation objectives:
Cultivate general and compound senior engineering and technical personnel with knowledge and professional skills in architectural design, urban design, interior design, municipal design, etc., and have a variety of occupational adaptability.

Core courses:

Architectural Design Principles, Architectural Design, Urban Design, History of Chinese and Foreign Architecture, Ancient Building Surveying and Mapping, Building Physics, Building Mechanics, Building Structure, Site Design, etc.

Employment prospects:

Ability to engage in various planning and design work in the architectural design, urban and rural planning and design departments, or in architectural planning and management in the real estate department.

Major features:

Architecture is oriented to the forefront of international discipline development, based on the region, to build the innovative talent training for professional development of core position, based on professional discipline and multidisciplinary cross dual view, expand regional innovation course teaching system and regional innovation system of teaching practice interactive coordination, achieve more outstanding achievements in the organization of teaching, scientific research, academic research, international exchanges and design practice. The quality of the students cultivated is well known in and out of the province and it has made outstanding contributions to the national urban and rural construction and the construction and development of Anhui Province.

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