Urban-rural Planning

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Cultivation objectives:

Cultivate senior specialized talents with solid basic theoretical knowledge and practical application ability in urban and rural planning, with social responsibility, teamwork, innovative thinking and sustainable development concepts.

Core courses:

Principles of Urban & Rural Planning, Urban & Rural Planning and Design, History of Chinese and Foreign Urban Construction, Urban & Rural Roads and Transportation, Urban & Rural Planning Management and Regulations, etc.

Employment prospects:

Ability to engage in urban and rural planning and design and related development management, research and education in professional planning and design institutions, management institutions, and research institutions.

Major features:

After 40 years of school accumulation, based on the regional culture of Anhui, with the help of the leading advantages of Huizhou traditional architecture and settlement research, a distinctive professional characteristic has been formed; a broad-based and multi-directional professional training model, a parallel curriculum system of theory and practice teaching, has been strengthened students ability training; relying on the discipline support platform, scientific research nurtured teaching, and realized the collaborative education of scientific research and practice; centering on major national strategies and regional development needs, the government, industry, research, and research are closely integrated to serve local development.

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