Landscape Architecture

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Cultivation objectives:

Cultivate application talents with solid foundation, broad knowledge, high professional quality, strong practical ability, and knowledge in landscape planning and design, urban planning and design, scenic spots and various urban green spaces.

Core courses:

Landscape Architecture Design, Landscape Planning and Design, History of Chinese and Foreign Landscape Gardens, Landscape Garden Plants and Applications, Landscape Garden Engineering and Technology, etc.

Employment prospects:

Ability to engage in planning, design, construction and management in urban and rural construction, forestry and gardening departments, or gardening and greening management in real estate departments.

Major features:

The Landscape Architecture Major is one of the Landscape Architecture majors with the longest history of running a school and the strongest teaching staff in Anhui Province.It is also an important base for the training of talents in Landscape Planning & Design and Construction & Management in the province. After 30 years of construction and development, the Landscape Department has formed significant research characteristics in areas such as Huizhou traditional settlements and water mouth gardens, sponge urban landscapes and three-dimensional greening, which has exerted positive social benefits.

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