Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering

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Cultivation objectives:

The goal of this major is aimed to train the senior engineering talents who have   the basic knowledge of water industry and engineering, and can engage in the design, construction, management, research and development of municipal water supply engineering, drainage engineering, building plumbing system, industrial water supply and drainage engineering.

Core courses:

Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mechanics, Civil Engineering Foundation, Fluid Mechanics, Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Biology for Water and Wastewater Treatment, Hydrology and Hydrogeology, Pump and Pump Station, Utilization and Protection of Water Resource, Water Quality Engineering, Pipeline System of Water Supply and Drainage, Building Water Supply and Drainage Engineering, Economics for Water Engineering, Experiment Technology of Water And Wastewater Treatment, Experiment of Water Quality Analysis, etc.

Employment prospects:

Graduates can work in the departments of municipal construction and management, municipal planning, environmental protection, engineering design companies, water industry enterprises, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research units, universities, etc.

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