Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering

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Cultivation objectives:

This major aims at cultivating students with solid professional knowledge and good practical skills. The graduates of this major are required to master the technologies of building environment and energy application engineering, to be able to design/install/debug/operate the indoor HVAC system of industrial/civil buildings and heat/gas supply system, to be equipped to carry out further research and development. The students are expected to required good professional knowledge, research ability, innovative spirit and practical skills after 3 or 4-year study.

Core courses:

Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Drawing, Machinery Design Basis, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Engineering Thermodynamic, Building Environment, Fluid Network for Transportation and Distribution, FundamentalsEquipment of HeatMass Transfer, Boiler and Boiler House Equipment, Air Conditioning Engineering, Gas Transportation and Distribution, Heating Engineering

Employment prospects:

Designing Institute, Construction Engineering Company, Gas Industry, Property Management Agency, R&D

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