Geographic Information Science

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Cultivation objectives

The major cultivates the high-tech talents with 3S technology, which satisfies the urgent requirement in the digital era. It focuses on training students to master the basic theories of GIS and remote sensing technology, as well as the basic skills of digital processing for remote sensing images and GIS technology. After graduation, they can undertake study, teaching, development and application of geographic information system in the Scientific Research Institutions, Enterprises, Information Technology Fields and Information Management Departments.

Core courses

Cartography, Photogrammetry, Principle of Digital Mapping, Principle of Remote Sensing, Image Processing and Analysis of Remote Sensing, Technology of Agricultural Remote Sensing, Principles of Geographic Information System, Principles of GPS, Design and Development of GIS, Spatial Database, Application and Development of WebGIS, Computer language and programming, Data Structure, Calculation Method, Software Engineering, Land Information System, Resource Management System, etc.

Employment prospects

Scientific research institutes, land and resources management department, urban construction planning department, company of information technology, agricultural management department, etc.

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