Energy and Power Engineering

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Cultivation objectives

This major is to cultivate students to develop the basic theory of thermal energy, power engineering and low-temperature refrigeration, and to become practical advanced engineering and technical personnel with capabilities in design, manufacturing, operation management, research, installation and development in various sectors of the national economy of thermal engineering, power engineering, and low-temperature refrigeration equipment.

Core courses

Engineering Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Machinery, Principles of Automatic Control, Fuel and Combustion, Thermal Measurement and Instrumentation, Heat Exchanger Principle and Design, Industrial Boiler, Boiler Principle and Equipment, Steam Turbine Principle, Thermal Power Plant, Refrigeration and Low-Temperature Principle, Low Temperature Process and Device, Compressor Principle, Power Cycle Theory and Technology.

Employment prospects

Graduates can engage in production, teaching, scientific research, sales and management in energy utilization, power machinery manufacturing, thermal power industry and related research institutes, colleges and universities, and government management departments.

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