Financial Management

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Cultivation objectives: 

The objectives of this program are to train applied and compound professionals with solid foundation, strong ability, high quality and innovative spirit who possess knowledge and ability in economics, management, law and financial management, and can engage in financial management, accounting, investment and financial management in various enterprises and public institutions, accounting firms, evaluation institutions, banking, insurance, securities institutions and government departments, as well as teaching and scientific research in scientific research institutes.

Core courses: 

Management, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics, Accounting Principles, Financial Management, Computer Financial Management, Advanced Financial Management, Enterprise Financial Risk Management, Financial Analysis, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Financial Accounting, Investment, Commercial Bank Management, Securities Investment, Tax Planning, ERP Enterprise Management Simulation, Management Decision Simulation, Introduction to Civil Engineering, Project Valuation.

Employment prospects: 

Graduates can engage in finance, accounting, finance, investment and financing decision-making, tax planning, engineering project cost management in construction and real estate enterprises, industrial and commercial enterprises, financial enterprises, public institutions and government departments, as well as teaching and scientific research.

Major features:

Rely on the advantages of broad civil engineering discipline.

Focus on training senior talents in the field of investment and financing and cost management of engineering projects.

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