Polymer Materials and Engineering

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Polymer Materials and Engineering was established and enrolled in 2001. It has two major directions: Applied Polymer and Polymer Material Molding. At presentthe department has 17 full-time teachers, including 7 Professors and 14 teachers with doctoral degree. The Polymer Teaching Team is a provincial teaching team, and the department head won the title of National Excellent Teacher in 2019. The department has a provincial material experiment center and a provincial school-enterprise co- construct training center. In 2016, it was listed as a “Provincial Professional Comprehensive Reform Pilot” and in 2019 as a “Provincial First-Class Major”. The courses of “Polymer Chemistry”, “Polymer Rheology” and “Polymer Synthesis Technology” are listed as Provincial Excellent Open Courses. The department insists on promoting teaching with scientific research and strengthening the engineering ability of students. The relevant teaching reform achievements include 1 national second prize, 2 provincial special prizes and 2 first prizes.

Cultivation objectives: 

In order to meet the needs of industry and regional economic development, we cultivate talents with all-round development and high quality for various industries, including Building industry, construction materials, petrochemicals, household appliances, automobile manufacturing and energy and environment industry.

Core courses:

Organic chemistry, physical chemistry, principles of chemical engineering, polymer chemistry, polymer physics, materials research methods, introduction to materials science and engineering (bilingual), polymerization engineering, polymer molding and equipment, polymer modification principles, chemical building materials, composite materials, etc.

Employment prospects: 

Graduates of the major can award a bachelor's degree in engineering. They can engage in research, management, design and teaching in the fields of polymer material preparation, processing molding, material structure and performance, etc.

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