Metallic Materials Engineering

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Metallic Materials Engineering began preparations for construction in 2013, was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2016 and enrolled 86 students for the first time in 2017. This major has its own characteristics in metal material corrosion and protection engineering, nondestructive testing, etc. Graduates will be awarded bachelor's degree in engineering.


Cultivation objectives:

To cultivate innovative, technical and applied talents who have a good sense of social responsibility, splendid professional ethics and humanism, basic theory and skills of materials science, chemistry and related subjects, be physically and mentally healthy, and can conduct activities related to metal materials, such as technology and products development, techniques and equipment design, or production and technology management.


Core courses:

Fundamentals of Materials Science, Metal Material Science, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Material Analysis Method, Material Mechanics, Physical Chemistry, Physical Properties of Materials, Principle and Process of Material Molding, Corrosion and Protection Engineering, Nondestructive Testing Principle and Technology, etc.


Employment prospects:

Graduates can be engaged in technology development, technology and equipment design, production and management, teaching and research work of related fields such as research and analysis of material structure, preparation and molding of metal material and composite material, quality inspection of metal material engineering, nondestructive testing and characterization in the industries, research institutes and schools. They can also enter administrative sector to do metal materials products inspection, quality control and trade management, etc.

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