Applied Chemistry

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Applied Chemistry was established and enrolled in 2004, approved as a school-level characteristic major in 2014 and approved as a provincial characteristic major in 2016. This major aims to cultivate high-quality applied talents of fields such as analysis and testing, material chemistry. Graduates will be awarded bachelor's degree in science.


Cultivation objectives:

To cultivate chemical professionals with a high sense of social responsibility, good professional ethics, good humanistic literacy and be physically and mentally healthy. Graduates will be innovative and have good practical ability, mastering basic knowledge, theories and skills of chemistry, chemical engineering and related disciplines.


Core courses:

Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Structural Chemistry, Chemical Experiments, Chemical Principles, Synthetic Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Instrumental Analysis, Environmental Chemistry, Polymeric Chemistry and Physics, Practice of Modern Chromatography, etc.


Employment prospects:

Graduates can be engaged in technology management, technology development, scientific research and education of related fields such as chemical industry, food, medicine, cosmetics and materials, energy, biology, environment, etc.

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