Applied Physics

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Cultivation objectives: 

This major is aimed at building optics and electroacoustic technology. It aims to cultivate advanced application-oriented professionals who master the basic theories and methods of physics, have a solid physical foundation and good application ability of building light environment detection technology, and can engage in scientific research and technological innovation in the fields of physics, electroacoustic technology and building light environment.

Core courses: 

Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Optics, Electromagnetics, Solid State Physics, Optoelectronics, Applied Optics, Photoelectric Detection Technology, Design and Application of LED Lighting, Photoelectric Devices and Applications, Introduction to Architecture, Acoustic Foundation, Acoustic Measurement, and Electroacoustic Technology, etc.

Employment prospects

Graduates are suitable for engineering technology and product research and development, testing and design, production technology management in the fields of electroacoustic technology and building light environment, and can also apply for master’s degree in in physics and other related majors.

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