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Cultivation objectives: 

This major cultivates senior application-oriented professionals who have acoustic foundation and comprehensive experimental skills, master basic theory of acoustics and detection technology, and are engaged in the design, engineering organization and management of acoustic environment in related fields such as architecture.

Core courses: 

Architectural Introduction, Architectural Design and Principle, Acoustic Foundation, Architectural Acoustic Environment, Architectural Acoustic Materials and Structures, Sensors and Detection Technology, Acoustic Measurement, Acoustic Detection Technology, Indoor Sound Field Computer-aided Design, Architectural Indoor Acoustic Design, Environmental Noise Control Technology, Electroacoustic Principles and Techniques and Audio Engineering, etc.

Employment prospects: 

Graduates are suitable for working in construction Industry, machinery Industry, transportation and environmental protection departments of the government, engaged in noise detection and control, design and evaluation of acoustic environment engineering, etc., and can also apply for master's degree in acoustics, construction technology, etc.

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