Environment Design (Interior Design)

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Cultivation objectives: 

This project is a joint undergraduate education program of Environmental Design (Interior Design) organized in cooperation with Central Michigan University (CMU) in the United States. Students complete the required credits at Anhui Jianzhu University (AHJZU) in the first three years and have to meet the admission requirements of Central Michigan University before they go to Central Michigan University to study Interior Design in the fourth year. For the students who successfully complete the degree requirement in China, the students are granted the appropriate Certificate of Graduation and the bachelor’s degree by AHJZU. For the students who successfully complete the degree requirement in China and the U.S., the students are granted an appropriate Certificate of Graduation and bachelor's degree by AHJZU and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Applied Art) degree by CMU.

This program aims to cultivate international environmental design (interior design) professionals who master the theory and skills of environmental design (interior design) and related disciplines, have an international perspective, are adaptive to cross-cultural communication, have strong design coordination and organizational management capabilities, possess flexible professional adaptability, and have innovative spirit and practical ability. Graduates of this program are highly qualified talents who can engage in the design, teaching, research and management of various spaces, including indoor and outdoor furnishings, environmental facilities and landscapes.


Core courses at AHJZU: 

Design Expression, Interior Design Foundation, History of Interior Design, Ergonomics, Interior Furnishings and Art Design, Display Design, Environmental Facility Design, Sculpture Design and Production, Residential Environment Design Studio, Entertainment Environment Design, Business Environment Design, Office Environment Design, Hotel Environment Design, Architectural Construction, Architectural Design and Principles, Urban Design, Introduction to Environment and Ecology, Decorative Materials and Techniques


Core courses at CMU: 

Oral Interpretation of Literature, Textiles, Interior Design Studio III: Special Users, Seminar in Interior Design, Professional Practices, Contract Documents, Lighting and Mechanical Systems, Interior Design Studio V: Senior Thesis


Employment prospects: 

Graduates can engage in environmental design, research, teaching and management in colleges and universities, architectural design institutes, foreign design companies, international design agencies, decoration companies, real estate corporations, creative industry companies and other institutions.

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