Visual Communication Design

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Cultivation objectives: 

This program cultivates talents with good artistic knowledge and literacy as well as creative thinking and design expression ability in visual communication design. Graduates of the program are highly qualified talents who master the professional theory and software production method of visual communication design, have active innovation consciousness and strong modeling ability, and can engage in design, management, research, and teaching in print media and digital media.


Core courses: 

Decoration Foundation, Composition Foundation, Creative Graphic Design, Font Design, Logo Design, Graphic Layout Design, Books Design, Printing Technology, Advertising Design, Packaging Design, Display Design, Sculpture Design and Production, VI Design, Appreciation of Traditional Chinese Art, History of Art Design, Web Design and Production, 2D Animation Production, C4d

Employment prospects: 

Graduates can engage in design and management work in print and media industries such as press and publication as well as cultural and creative industries such as advertising companies and exhibitions. Graduates can also teach and engage in research work at schools and research institutes.

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