Public Art

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Cultivation objectives: 

This program aims to cultivate talents with a comprehensive mix of public art modeling and research abilities, and a contemporary cultural spirit. Graduates of the program are expected to have the ability to shape urban and rural public art space landscapes, optimize public space environmental quality, extract regional cultural symbols, and convey humane care through artistic behaviors. This program has the multi-disciplinary features of architecture, landscape, environmental design, sculpture and painting, and prepares students to master design thinking, space research, quick hand-drawing, architectural mapping, modeling and rendering, sculpture modeling, landscape design, plan planning, and so on.


Core courses: 

Modeling Design, Creative Design, Creative Thinking, Public Art Design Foundation, Digital Video Art Design, Introduction to Public Art, Modern Sculpture Design, Environmental Graphic Design, Decorating Materials and Craft Design, Electromechanical Principles, Landscape Design Foundation, Space Form Design, Artwork Display Installation Design, Decorative Mural Art and Anaglyphy, Facility Public Art Design, Landscape Public Art Design, Memorial Public Art Design, Interactive Public Art Design, Lighting Design, Parametric Design

Employment prospects: 

Graduates can engage in public art creation, landscape design research, art education, and cultural management work in schools, municipal construction and planning departments, architectural design and research institutes, design companies, decoration companies, real estate corporations, creative design companies and so on.

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