Land Resource Management

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Cultivation objectives:

This major trains students into innovative and practical talents with basic theories of management, economics, and resources and land management. Under-trained students shall develop strong practical abilities in land planning, utilization, evaluation, and management, and obtain proficient skills in using applicable tools and methods such as computers, surveying, and drawing to engage in professional works such as land survey, land use planning, land consolidation, cadastral management, land management policies and regulations and other professional works.

Core courses:

Land Resources, Land Planning, Land Management, Land Economics, Cadastral Management, Surveying, Cartography, Land Information System, Land Law, Real Estate Valuation, Geographic Information System, Real Estate Development and Management, Real Estate Valuation Case and Analysis.

Employment prospects:

Graduates can engage in land survey, land using planning, land management, real estate evaluation and other works under the Land and Resources Department, Urban Construction Department, real estate enterprises, research institutes and related fields.

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