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Environment Science and Engineering (Graduate Program)

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Introduction to the discipline: This discipline aims at training students with a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience in the field of environmental specialty, a good sense of social responsibility, professional ethics and humanistic quality and the ability to design, construct and operate pollution control projects, who can formulate environmental protection plans and conduct environmental assessment and management, have employment competitiveness in environmental protection and other fields, and master the research and development ability of new theories, new technologies, new processes and new equipment in environmental protection, have the ability of teamwork, communication and expression and project management, have innovative spirit, sustainable development concept and international vision and can learn and adapt to development continuously.

Core courses: Matrix Theory, Mathematical Statistics and Stochastic Process, Water Treatment Theory and Technology, Solid Waste Resource Utilization, Wastewater Biological Treatment, Modern Environmental Analysis Technology and Environmental Toxicology, etc.

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